Bamboo Nappies

Bamboo Nappies in South Africa

  Style of diaper

  All in one.

  Double snapper to size nappy accurately.


  Outer – 1 layer of waterproof & breathable pul

  Inner – 1 layer of bamboo material

  Insert – 1 3 layer absorbent bamboo insert

  . Easy to use,soft and breathable.

  . Machine washable and dry able.

  . Size:for babies weighing 3-15kg.

  . Length of nappy:39cm in length X 35cm in width.

  . Wash temperature: under 30°C.


  1. strong absorbent material with breathability. Preventing nappy rash , our product absorbs urine fast. Passes through bamboo and gets absorbed by the insert.
  2. waterproof outside preventing leakage onto clothes and surrounding areas.
  3. bright colours can bring happy and harmonious feelings to a baby. Science proves that bright colours are good for babies.
  4. All in one system one size fits all. (controlled by snappers)

  On the next page you will find the designs for our Bamboo nappy range. These are even ‘greener’ products than the cloth nappies as the material is made from bamboo.

  Bamboo grows much quicker than other plants and would therefore have a lesser effect on trees etc.

  Mix and match these with the cloth nappies as you see fit.