Saving money using reusable cloth and bamboo nappies

This is just a short update on our own experience using our nappies. We have learned some good tricks and some helpful points to make the reusable nappy experience as smooth and soft as the cloth and bamboo nappies themselves. We will in due course explain these matters further but for now we would just like to concentrate on our financial experience.

Our reusable nappies are sold at a very good price, taking the quality in to consideration. There are many nappies around, some are very expensive and others a bit cheaper. We have tested some of these before we bought Baba Gear nappies, and we must admit the Baba Gear nappy range is excellent. These are top quality reusable cloth and bamboo nappies at a very decent and affordable price. In our experience with our twin boys, who are now nearly two and are still happily using the nappies, we are needing to use two inserts per nappy now but the nappies are still working perfectly.

Unlike disposables we have found we need to change them more often but on our calculations we have saved more than R 20 000 certainly worth the extra effort. This comparison was nappy for nappy and does not include expensive bins and bin bags which get filled regularly and fast with disposables. They will hopefully be potty trained soon but thankfully the same cloth nappies can still be used for some months as they are not close to the 15kg mark.

Join us in saving money every time you use a nappy! Save the world one nappy at a time and remember a change is as good as a holiday!


Quintin and Denise

Testimony – Magchel Pretorius

We had problems with the post office strike and went out of our way to make sure the package arrive at our client. This is what she wrote.

“Thank you!!! I found them!
Thanx for your lovely service! I will recommend you to all my expectant friends!

Kind Regards

Magchel Pretorius”

We promise our best attention and efforts to your products and the delivery thereof.

Can disposables cause male infertility?

This is not yet a fact but studies have shown that disposable nappies keep the testicles at a higher temperature which could be the cause of infertility at a later stage in your baby boys life. Is it possible that this coupled with the chemicals your baby endures during their time in disposables are causes of other medical problems in the disposable generation? What could the impact be?

Why take a chance? Go green with our Baba Gear nappies today. Help yourself, help your baby and help the world. It does not get any simpler than that.