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Say no to disposables and chemicals!

There are no chemicals in reusable nappies!

Within disposable nappies there are various chemicals present to help absorb fluids, to keep the wetness away from the bum and perfumes to help contain the smell. One such chemical sodium polyacrylate use have been discontinued in tampons because of its ties to the toxic shock syndrome. No long term studies have been done at this stage but 24 hours exposure to these chemicals can be seen as a threat to your babies health.

There are no chemicals in reusable nappies so there is no exposure to these chemicals. There cannot be any allergic reaction to the chemicals nor can any damage be caused by the chemicals. This is healthier for your baby.

Environmentally Friendly Nappies

Even biodegradable disposables are only 70% biodegradable. Which means that even with ‘green disposables’ you are contributing to the ever increasing problem of non recyclable waste. These are very expensive in relation to normal disposables and would in most cases not be used.

Further on this subject is that the human faeces might be contaminating the water on under ground level and it carries an ever increasing amount of viruses and germs for people who handle the rubbish. Landfills are reaching the maximum amount of waste that could be stored which is a big problem as disposable nappies of one baby takes up 50% of your household rubbish.

Baba Gear nappies are made of material and can be passed along to the next user until of such an age that one can dispose of it or rework it for some other use. You can buy liners which can be flushed down the toilet or simply tip the liner with the poo into the toilet, flush the poo and dispose of the liner. Easy and a great contribution to the environment. 

Financial benefit of using reusable nappies

They are a lot more cost effective

The initial outlay seems to be a lot in comparison to disposables but in the long term you will save a ridiculous amount of money (Trust us we have twins!). Here is a table to show how much money you could save by using Baba Gear nappies in relation to the average usage of disposables.

NB!! Remember this table does not make provision for diarrhea spells or any related sicknesses which induce runny tummies.

All in One Cloth Nappy from R100

All in One Bamboo from R140

Total Cost= +/- R 2000 (20 per baby)

This price does exclude liners but liners are cheap.

Disposable Nappy Cost Calculation



of use


per day






3 months


R 1, 90

R 1710


3 months


R 2, 00

R 1440


3 months


R 2, 40

R 1728


4 months


R 2, 90

R 2088


6 months


R 3, 00

R 3240


7 months


R 4, 25

R 5355

Total cost= +/- R15561

As you can see the difference in the amount is enormous. There is no question that reusable nappies are by far the cheapest nappies and at Baba Gear our prices are even less for high quality nappies. The use of the nappies also brings other costs down. You will use less bin bags over the same period as less space will be taken up in your bin bag by a liner instead of a nappy.