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Reusable nappies an introduction

Reusable nappies have come a long way from the old cloth nappies our generation are accustomed to. There are no more pins, no hectic hand washing of every nappy but rather a nappy that looks like a disposable and works on the same concept.

Instead of pins or sticky bits, snappers are used to set the size of the nappy to the size of your baby. At Baba Gear we only sell nappies with double snappers to set the size around the waist and around the legs. It controls leakage a lot better and do not wear out like velcro. There are other rows of snappers apart from the mentioned two which increases the nappies general size as your baby grows.

These snappers contribute to the versatility of the reusable nappies which can be used from between 3kgs, till your baby is potty trained at 15kgs. They are very easy to put on and take off. The general use is also easy as one places a liner on top of the nappy which when the baby has pooed will either go in the bin or to the toilet depending on the liner used.

We sell two kinds of nappies, reusable cloth nappies and bamboo nappies. The myth that reusable nappies cause nappy rash must be laid to rest right now. Studies have been performed at universities that indicate that nappy rash is caused by the time your baby is left with a wet or dirty nappy. Change them as many times as you like with Baba Gear’s reusable cloth and bamboo nappies. They differ mainly in material composition but work on exactly the same concept and have roughly the same benefits for me, you and your baby.