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Cloth and Bamboo Nappy Care

Baba Gear nappies are easy to take care of. Once the nappy has been used tip any solid waste into the toilet, or discard it with the liner, pull the insert out and throw both into a bucket and cover with a lid. If you are exclusively breastfeeding there is no need to attempt to empty out poos, as breast feeding poos are water soluble. If you are worried about the smell in the bucket just add a couple of drops of tea tree oil, it works wonders for bad odours and has antibacterial properties. There is no need to soak the nappies.

When you are ready to wash your nappies empty the bucket into the washing machine and wash on cold or 30 degrees, with half the amount of soap you would normally use, or a soap ball. Low temperature washing helps prevent staining. Do not use fabric softener as this affects the absorbency of the nappies. Too much soap causes the nappies to retain their smell, and can cause nappy rash so a second quick wash without soap, or an extra rinse cycle is advisable. The best way to dry nappies is to hang them in the sun. The outers dry very quickly and the inserts don’t take more than a couple of hours on a hot sunny day. The inserts can be tumble dried if necessary. Sun drying is the best option to remove any stains. Do not use bleach, stain removers or any washing powders containing bleach on Baba Gear nappies. If you find your nappies have got stubborn stains, apply lemon juice then rinse well or rub the stain with sunlight soap (green bar).

If after many uses you find your nappies are starting to retain odors as soon as they get wet, they may need to be stripped. This is due to a build up of soap residue. To strip nappies wash 4 times on a hot cycle with no soap, or add a quarter of a cup of vinegar, where you would normally put fabric softener, in your 1st washing cycle. This should only be done when necessary. Unless you are exclusively breastfeeding it is advisable to use liners in Baba Gear nappies. Only apply bum cream to the area that will be covered by the nappy liner as bum creams affect the long term absorbency to Baba Gear nappies. Before using Baba Gear nappies soak the inserts in cold water over night, and then wash the whole nappy once before use.